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  • My skills
    - 2 settimane, 3 giorni fa

    I have large experience in software development.
    I know C,C++ and Python, C#, Qt/QML, SQL, HTML, C++ 11/17, Java, Perl, Javascript, Cobol, PHP, CSS, SASS,,
    Ruby (on rails), Go, Visual Basic, Fortran, Smalltalk, Delphi, Matlab. I created software
    programs for image processing with wavelets (image
    classification, retrieval, creating films, changing file formats),
    including 3D graphics. I dealt with computer vision.
    I dealt with
    portfolio selection and financial optimization.
    I am good in embedded programming.
    I wrote programs for architecture in C++, C#, Python and Java.
    I solved optimization
    problems, nonlinear equations, problems in dynamical systems and nonlinear differential equations (in C++). I know parallel
    programming in MPI and wrote parallel programs for optimization.
    I have large experience of scientific computing.
    I worked with azure, cloud and software architecture.
    I worked with mobile phones. I know CSS preprocessors.

    I wrote Web applications in C#, Java, Javascript, PHP/Symfony, Python/Django, HTML, CSS, jQuery.
    I know Github and AWS, MVC. I worked with .NET, and .NET Core. I know Laravel and Xamarin, Wordpress, CodeIgnator.
    I worked with Magento.
    I know well object-oriented programming. I wrote commercial Web software in C#, Go, PHP, Python and Java/Javascript.
    I worked with APIs, ANGUlAR, FUllStack, Typescript. I know embedded programming, I worked with microcontrollers.
    I am good in front-end and back-end development.
    I know client and server sides.
    There is enough experience of it(15 years).
    I worked on the relations of films and pictures with the Web.
    I worked on the connection of databases with the Web.
    I know SQL/Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB.
    I know well Web programming. I created sites.
    I work in C++ 32 years, in C# and Java/Javascript 12 years, in Go,Python/Django and PHP/Symfony 15 years.
    I know Maven, Git, Jira, Typescript, servlets, XML, APEX, PL/SQL. I know well Golang and Ruby on rails.

    I know Bootstrap, Eclipse, Spring, Springboot, Hibernate. I worked 14 years with Rust.
    I know JSON, REST, SOAP and APIs. I know Wordpress and DOTCMS.

  • Ciao
    - 1 anno, 7 mesi fa

    Salve a tutti

  • Weconsumer
    - 2 anni, 9 mesi fa

    Proverò i prodotto con entusiasmo

  • Ciao
    - 2 anni, 9 mesi fa

    Diamo il via a questa esperienza

  • Saluti
    Archiviato da mariafabb88 2 anni, 9 mesi fa
    - 2 anni, 9 mesi fa

    Salve a tutti

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  • Saluti
    - 2 anni, 9 mesi fa

    Salve a tutti

  • Bentrovati
    - 2 anni, 11 mesi fa

    Spero sarà una piacevole esperienza

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