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Chief Marketing Officer

About Foodu

Foodu is the first participatory food e-commerce in Italy. Foodu has overturned the assortment process: it is not the purchasing office that decides what to put on the shelves, but the consumers themselves. In fact, it is the consumers who propose the products to be added to the catalog and approve them through domestic consumer tests. Thanks to the capital raised in crowdfunding on Mamacrowd, mainly from its own community, Foodu now aims to increase the community and the revenues, so we are looking for an experienced digital marketer who will take over the direction and operation of marketing, working alongside the founders.

Job Description

We are looking for a person passionate for healthy food and sustainability, who loves challenges, able to independently define goals, plan and perform in person all the activities necessary to achieve them, implementing campaigns and monitoring the company's KPIs punctually, working with a data-driven mindset. We work in an informal and flexible working environment. For us, the serenity and motivation of team members is very important and at the same time we are looking for an ambitious and creative person, able to grow and engage our community more and more.

What Qualifies You:

  • You have 2+ years experience in growth hacking and marketing for e-commerce
  • You have experience in exploiting digital communities dynamics
  • You are proficient in creating and managing SMM, SEO and SEM campaigns, copywriting, image editing, email automations, etc...
  • You enjoy leading a team and have 2+ years experience managing and developing team members
  • You have owned and managed a budget before, and have a strong track record of delivering against monthly goals of spend, CAC, and retention.
  • You enjoy working on both the analytical and creative sides of marketing, concepting new organic growth tactics and using data to help optimize channels while thinking of the next big thing.
  • You have a special affinity for terms like CLTV, CAC, CTR, churn and the like.
  • You’re curious about how to create models that improve these figures.


  • Competitive salary with an annual equity/cash bonus
  • Living in Puglia, best value travel destination in the world 2021 (National Geographics) with low cost of living
  • Budget for professional development
  • Great company culture and work environment
  • Highly-skilled teammates and lots of opportunities for growth and development

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